Erectile dysfunction is becoming an increasingly common issue faced by men of various ages. In search of a quick solution, many men turn to potency pills or even certain illegal preparations.

Potency pills and preparations often provide rapid results, but it's important to know that they do not treat the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

The use of pills does not offer a long-term solution to impotence but only temporary relief of symptoms.

After a certain period, resistance to the active substance enabling potency may develop, leading to a constant need for higher doses.

With prolonged use, a man's body may become completely insensitive to medications.

Therefore, it is crucial for the treatment of impotence to be conducted through therapeutic methods that address the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

Uronova Center offers the treatment of erectile dysfunction through a non-invasive and painless therapeutic method that provides long-term results.

FSW therapy provides a long-term solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction

FSW-directed therapy represents a revolution in the treatment of various urological conditions that create problems with potency.

The innovative FSW-directed therapy operates on the principle of low-intensity acoustic waves that penetrate the tissue of the penis and regenerate the blood vessels of erectile tissue.

Potency pills available in pharmacies are certainly safe potency medications, but they can have rare side effects that are very dangerous.

FSW therapy is safer and a better choice for treating impotence than medications for the following reasons:

  • Painless method with no need for anesthesia
  • No contraindications; it can be applied to individuals with accompanying diseases
  • No side effects after treatment
  • Provides long-term results, not just a short-term effect like potency drugs
  • No surgical interventions during the procedure

Impotence in older men can be successfully treated with FSW-directed therapy

We treat impotence thoroughly, addressing the cause of impotence while restoring erectile function.

The causes of impotence are diverse, and FSW therapy can address various disease causes.

Uronova is the only center for treating erectile dysfunction in the region that employs this innovative treatment method.

We have the equipment and certification for implementing FSW-directed therapy.

FSW-directed therapy is widely applicable in the field of urology, and at Uronova Center, we treat the following conditions and diseases:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Peyronie's disease
  • Chronic pelvic pain

Top-notch specialists and urology experts ensure that the patient feels comfortable during the therapeutic treatment.

During the therapeutic procedure, only the therapist performing the procedure and the patient are present in the office, ensuring maximum discretion and preserving your privacy.

Peyronie's disease as a possible cause of impotence

Peyronie's disease is a medical term describing a condition in which the penis bends or curves during an erection. It arises due to the formation of plaques within the penis, which can occur beneath the penile skin, causing curvature, pain, or issues with erections.

This condition can affect men of all age groups but is typically diagnosed in men between 40 and 60 years old.

Symptoms of Peyronie's disease include:

  • Curved penis during erection, bending upwards, downwards, left, or right.
  • Painful erections.
  • Early signs of impotence and weak erections.
  • Erection problems, where scars may interfere with normal blood flow to the penis.
  • Loss of penile girth.
  • Inability to maintain an erection.
  • Erection loss during intercourse.
  • Absence of morning erections.
  • Difficulty maintaining an erection, leading to loss of erection during intercourse.
  • Inability to achieve a full erection.

The causes of Peyronie's disease are not entirely clear, but microtrauma or injuries to the penis during erections are considered possible triggers, leading to inflammation and scar formation.

Genetics, autoimmune diseases, and risk factors such as smoking and diabetes can also contribute to the development of this condition.

How is impotence resulting from Peyronie's disease treated?

Treatment for Peyronie's disease may involve medications, vacuum pumps, collagen injections, and surgical options.

Uronova is the only center in the region with a different, innovative approach to treatment.

We provide non-surgical treatment for Peyronie's disease, entirely painless, using innovative FSW therapy methods.

Chronic pelvic pain can be a cause of impotence and painful ejaculation.

The chronic pelvic pain syndrome is a condition characterized by persistent or intermittent pain in the pelvic region. This condition is also known as chronic prostatitis, although the pain may not necessarily be caused by inflammation of the prostate.

Men with chronic pelvic pain syndrome may experience sexual problems, most commonly erectile dysfunction or painful ejaculation.

The symptoms of chronic pelvic pain syndrome include:

  • Pain in the pelvis
  • Pain in the lower abdomen or around the genital area
  • Difficulty with urination
  • Lower back pain
  • Painful ejaculation
  • Frequent urination
  • Painful urination
  • Feeling of incomplete bladder emptying

The causes of chronic pelvic pain are not completely clear, but they are believed to involve the presence of infection, inflammatory processes, and issues with muscles or nerves.

Treatment can be challenging and often involves a combination of therapeutic approaches, including medications, physical therapy, and sometimes surgical interventions.

Treatment with FSW therapy can spare you from surgical interventions.

Treatment with FSW therapy can spare men from surgical interventions. However, before starting the therapeutic process, a urological examination is necessary.

During the specialized examination, Dr. Milan Višekruna will identify the primary cause of impotence and determine if FSW therapy is suitable for treating the issue.

FSW-directed therapy for erectile dysfunction is intended for all adult men experiencing potency problems and seeking an answer on how to overcome impotence.

The therapeutic process can be applied to men in good general health, as well as those with health issues. It is suitable and safe for treating impotence in diabetics and men with heart conditions.

FSW-directed therapy is approved for impotence treatment by the European Association of Urologists.

Over 1000 men have already cured erectile dysfunction at Uronova, and our center has an exceptionally high success rate of treatment, up to 92%.

Treatment with FSW therapy can spare you from surgical interventions, so don't delay treatment and schedule an examination at Uronova as soon as possible.


Schedule an appointment and consultation with urologist Dr. Milan Višekruna at phone number 062 616 804.

The entire treatment program consists of 6 painless 20-minute therapeutic procedures conducted once or twice a week, depending on the doctor's assessment of the degree of dysfunction.

The cost of each therapeutic procedure is 25,200 RSD.

The cost of the examination is 6,000 RSD.