What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to achieve and maintain a firm enough erection for a satisfactory sexual intercourse.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

The reasons leading to ED can broadly be divided into psychogenic and organic:

  • Psychogenic causes are mainly prevalent in younger men.
  • Organic ED is caused by various cardiovascular diseases, nerve issues in the pelvic area, or hormonal imbalances.
  • Common systemic diseases that can lead to ED include:
    1. Diabetes mellitus
    2. Atherosclerosis
    3. Hypertension
    4. Hyperlipidemia
    5. Endocrine system diseases, etc.

Medications that can lead to ED:

  • Antihypertensives
  • Diuretics
  • Antidepressants, antipsychotics.

Diagnosis and Treatment of ED

Diagnosis of ED

Various cardiovascular diseases, as the sole and early symptom, can have ED.

Therefore, it is crucial not to ignore the problem but seek help from a urologist who, after an examination and certain tests, will determine the right therapeutic protocol.

Treatment of ED

  • PDE-5 inhibitors
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Intracavernous injections
  • Surgical insertion of penile prosthesis

What is FSWT and the treatment of ED?

  • The use of low-intensity shockwave therapy FSWT is a completely NEW NON-INVASIVE METHOD used in the treatment of vascular ED.
  • Therapies are carried out through protocols involving 6 sessions during which, for a duration of 20 minutes, low-intensity focused shockwaves FSWT are applied to several different points on the body and the base of the penis.
  • The method is entirely painless, comfortable, non-invasive, and there are no contraindications for its use.

Treatment of vascular erectile dysfunction at Uronova

Our team of doctors, led by urologist specialist Dr. Milan Višekruna, is responsible for the treatment of vascular erectile dysfunction at the Uronova center.

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How does FSWT work, and how long can the therapy last?

FSWT (Focused Shockwave Therapy) or therapy with focused waves is a treatment method used for erectile dysfunction and other erection disorders.

The FSWT method is based on an apparatus that produces short, focused pulses of very low-intensity sound waves applied to the sexual organ. These waves stimulate the regeneration of blood vessels and improve blood flow and blood pressure in the penis. It is an effective, non-invasive treatment for soft tissues that represents a safe alternative to surgery or other treatments. FSWT stimulates metabolic reactions, activates the healing process by inducing the acute phase of healing, resulting in a high success rate in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In this way, after only 4-6 treatments, a normal erection can be achieved. The therapy is carried out in our space with maximum respect for the patient's privacy and the supervision of the doctor leading the therapy. One session (treatment) lasts about 30 minutes. Our experience with numerous patients has shown that improvement can occur in the first month (first 4 treatments), and in some patients, even earlier.

Is it necessary to repeat the treatment for erectile dysfunction?

The therapy is entirely non-invasive and does not require anesthesia.

The goal of the treatment is not only to achieve a better erection but also to completely restore normal sexual life. The best thing about FSWT is that after the initial therapy, the effect is long-term – we have never had a patient who returned for the same problem.

For whom is FSWT therapy not suitable?

FSWT therapy is successful in over 80% of cases.

In the remaining cases, it may not be suitable for everyone with erectile dysfunction, and they are most often indicated for surgical treatment. There are some cases where FSWT therapy may not be entirely effective or is not recommended.

These cases include:

  • Patients with an infection or some other disease affecting the genitals
  • In patients who have some kind of tumor or abnormalities in the genitals
  • In cases of mental illnesses or serious disorders that, among other things, cause ED

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If you decide on FSWT therapy, it is essential to come for an initial examination and consultations to consult with our experts about all possible risks and benefits of the therapy.

After the treatments, it is essential to follow the doctor's guidelines regularly and monitor your condition.