Center for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Non-invasive method

painless, without anesthesia, medications, and unwanted side effects.

Innovative method

we solve potency issues using the innovative FSWT concept.

Effective treatment

lasting 3 to 6 weeks, with only 6 sessions of 15 minutes each.

No need for repetition

the only procedure that has effects for several years after completing the treatment.

Modern technology

Approved by the European Association of Urologists.

Who the therapy is intended for

treatments are designed for all adults regardless of other medical conditions.

The problem with potency can affect all men, regardless of age.

Whether you have an issue that has come with age (along with organic diseases or as a result of therapy for those diseases), or you belong to the younger population that, due to a modern lifestyle and its associated side effects, struggles with achieving an erection, a solution exists, and it doesn't have to be invasive.

Considering that the most common cause behind problems with achieving and/or maintaining an erection is insufficient blood flow to the penis, at Uronova, we implement a treatment that promotes circulation to the genital organ. This involves the FSWT method, in which focused radial waves stimulate the regeneration of vascular structure and enhance blood flow to the penis.

  • We address three urological conditions using 8 state-of-the-art devices.
  • With over 1000 successfully treated patients behind us,
  • There is no need for repeating the therapy.

The treatment of erectile dysfunction

Practice has shown that vascular erectile dysfunction is one of the leading causes of potency issues. Vascular erectile dysfunction involves restricted blood flow to the penis, resulting in the inability to maintain an erection for a sufficient duration or achieve one at all.

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome is a set of symptoms characterized by pain in the pelvic region, urinary difficulties, erectile dysfunction (ED), pain in the urethra, with acute bacterial infections of the bladder, prostate, and urethra excluded by previous examination by a urologist. Previous names for this condition include nonbacterial chronic prostatitis and prostatodynia.

is a condition in which the formation of hard plaques occurs in the layers of the penis's sheath, leading to the curvature of the penis during erection, painful erections, shortening of the penis length, as well as erectile dysfunction.

in vascular erectile dysfunction, due to reduced arterial blood flow to the erectile tissues of the penis, achieving an erection is hindered, leading to erectile dysfunction.

occurs in vasculogenic erectile dysfunction due to increased venous outflow of blood from the erectile tissues of the penis.

by definition, represents a permanent inability to achieve and maintain an erection for the purpose of engaging in satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Modern devices


More than 1000 satisfied patients


Cure rate over 92%

We successfully treat all issues except those for which we indicate the necessity of surgical intervention.

Long-lasting effects

After successfully completing the therapy, there is no need for further treatments. Our experience with patients suggests that the effects last a minimum of two years.

Why choose Uronova Center?

Innovative FSWT Technology

    FSWT represents an innovative medical technology device.

    The treatments are conducted by certified therapists and urologists.

    Based on low-intensity acoustic wave therapy.

    Promotes tissue regeneration and formation of new blood vessels in the penis.

Successful long-term solutions

    Successful resolution of three different urological conditions.

    Effects lasting a minimum of 2 years.

    No need for therapy repetition.

Non-invasive method

    Completely natural.


    Without anesthesia.

    Without contraindications with other medications.

    Without unwanted effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Shock Wave therapy is mentioned today, it is mistakenly assumed to be a unique method of administering these waves, or a unique device that generates them.

There are two ways in which they are generated, or different devices that produce them.

The first group is the so-called Radial Shock Waves generated in a compressor and transmitted to the body through probes; they have a shallow penetration depth into the tissue and, when applied, can be felt as tapping on the skin.

They are mainly used in physical medicine and have no application in urology. Focused Shock Waves, or FSWT, are generated in an applicator where the electromagnetic wave is converted into sound. They have a deeper penetration into the tissue, precise energy targeting, and thus can treat deeper tissues.

In urology, FSWT is used for Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie's disease, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

FSWT works by applying these waves to targeted tissue, inducing microtrauma that precisely and lifelong initiates a local reparative process.

This results in the secretion of vasculogenic growth factors, activation of the nitric oxide system, leading to the formation of new blood vessels in the treated area.

After 6-8 weeks, the treated area is richer in new blood vessels at the capillary level by 32-35%.

In addition to this fact, it should be emphasized that this therapeutic procedure is completely painless, doesn’t require anesthesia, has absolutely no contraindications or unwanted effects.

It is also compatible with the simultaneous use of small doses of medications that, in large doses, are used as standalone therapy for Erectile Dysfunction.

This safety profile makes it the primary therapeutic choice for a significant number of patients. It is the only therapeutic procedure with long-term effects even years after the completion of treatment, unlike other options that provide assistance only at the time of application.

The Uronova Center in Zemun applies FSWT for the treatment of ED for the past 2 years. During this time, over 150 (170) patients have undergone treatments through our center.

The therapeutic protocol involves 6 sessions administered 1 or 2 times per week. The number of sessions can be higher, such as 6+3 or +3 up to a maximum of 12, depending on the disease stage at which the patient presented and the presence of associated diseases, primarily diabetes.

Protocols are individualized and determined for each patient after an examination by a specialist urologist.

The therapy is conducted with full respect for the patient's privacy. Only the patient and therapist are present in the room, and the procedure lasts about 20 minutes and is entirely painless.

After two years, we can proudly state that positive effects have been achieved in almost 90% of patients with Erectile Dysfunction and CPPS. For Peyronie's disease, that percentage ranges from 50-60%.

We have had almost no patients who didn’t experience any effects from the therapy, and a few cases where the response was lacking were primarily due to circulatory issues, making them candidates for surgical solutions.

Additionally, we have not had any patients so far seeking a repetition of the therapy, indicating that the positive effect of the therapy continues even after 2 years.

My message to all men experiencing ED, regardless of age, is that a solution to their problem exists, and they should not hesitate to visit a urologist.

We achieve the best results in men who have early and moderate symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction, so there is no need to wait for several years of symptoms before seeking help from a urologist.

FSWT is absolutely safe, painless, and without a systemic effect on the cardiovascular system.

Therefore, it can be practiced in patients with cardiovascular diseases or other systemic conditions where other forms of therapy are contraindicated.

Our specialists

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Dr. Milan Višekruna

Urology Specialist

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Nemanja Marjanović

Shockwave expert

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Nenad Nešić

Director and founder of Uronova

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Filip Radulović

FSWT Department of Urology

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Uroš Milivojević

FSWT Department

"At first, it was uncomfortable for me to even contact a urologist. Now, after completing the therapy, I regret not reaching out earlier. I can confirm that it's a highly professional clinic, and they are dedicated to each patient. My problem is completely resolved, and I recommend to everyone with a similar issue to give it a try."

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