Hard Flaccid Syndrome, or HFS, is a urological condition most commonly occurring in young men, characterized by one or more of the following symptoms:

HFS can be caused by various factors, including penile injuries and surgical interventions on the penis. Additionally, its onset is associated with pelvic muscle tension due to psychological issues and anxiety. The symptoms of HFS significantly hinder sexual activities for men by preventing the achievement of a firm enough erection.

Fizionova Center provides treatment for HFS using innovative therapeutic methods that effectively alleviate symptoms and restore healthy potency.

Psychological Factors Contributing to HFS

HFS often has psychogenic causes that induce the symptoms of this condition, including:

These psychological factors can influence pelvic muscle tone and overall sexual health, resulting in the appearance of HFS symptoms. Patients with HFS often notice a connection between their emotional state and the worsening of symptoms. Therefore, the treatment approach often involves not only urological therapy but also working on reducing stress and improving emotional well-being.

Three Common Misconceptions about HFS

One of the most common misconceptions is that Kegel exercises cure and completely resolve HFS. While Kegel exercises are often recommended during the treatment of various urological conditions related to pelvic floor muscles, their application without additional therapeutic measures is not sufficient to resolve this condition, and overdoing them may worsen symptoms. Consult with a urologist before starting Kegel exercises.

The second common misconception is that HFS is incurable. Regardless of how long you have been experiencing symptoms, effective treatment is possible with proper diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Another misconception is that prostate problems cause HFS. However, most men with HFS have completely normal and regular prostate test results.

How is HFS Diagnosed?

The urologist will first discuss the patient's symptoms and inquire about any previous injuries in the genital area, considering the potential presence of urinary tract infections. Following the discussion, the urologist will perform an examination using perineal palpation and ultrasound techniques. Then, a decision will be made regarding the suitable treatment for your condition, and therapy will be recommended accordingly.

Discretion during the examination is guaranteed, with only the doctor and patient present in the office.

Treatment of HFS at Uronova Center

Treatment of HFS at Uronova Center is carried out using innovative FSWT therapy and high-frequency magnet therapy. FSWT is a completely painless method used to treat the penis and perineum region with a device that emits sound waves to improve blood flow in that area. The impulses applied during therapy stimulate tissue regeneration, improve blood flow, and contribute to a healthy and firm erection.