This revolutionary therapy stimulates the recovery and regeneration of erectile tissue, resulting in the resolution of potency issues and enabling stable erections.

Uronova Center conducts LISWT regenerative therapy for the following urological conditions:

The therapy has no side effects, is entirely safe, and is approved by the European Association of Urology for treating urological issues.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

An erection occurs when a significant amount of blood rapidly enters the erectile tissue due to sexual stimulation.

In individuals where blood vessels in the erectile tissue have degenerated due to diabetes, aging, or an unhealthy lifestyle, potency issues often arise. Erectile dysfunction is increasingly common and manifests as difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.

LISWT regenerative therapy yields excellent results in treating erectile dysfunction, with treatment success rates as high as 90%.

How LISWT Regenerative Therapy Restores Potency?

Acoustic waves emit high-density energy, penetrating tissues and deeply rejuvenating degenerated blood vessels. As blood vessels regenerate, better blood flow is established in the penile region, facilitating the achievement and maintenance of stable erections.

Treating erectile dysfunction is a better option than potency pills because this form of therapy has no side effects associated with pills.

Additionally, LISWT therapy is the only treatment method that provides a long-term solution to potency issues.

Peyronie's Disease and Plaque Removal

Peyronie's disease occurs due to the formation of fibrous plaques in penile tissue, leading to penile curvature during erection.

Penile curvature creates issues with achieving and maintaining an erection and is often an aesthetic concern for many men. Moreover, many men experience penile pain during erections and sexual intercourse due to curvature.

LISWT regenerative therapy gradually degrades plaques by emitting acoustic waves precisely to the tissue where the plaque has formed.

Most men experience improvement after the initial treatments, with maximum effect achieved upon completion of treatment.

We guarantee 100% successful treatment of Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) with LISWT therapy.

Pelvic pain persisting for more than three months, without the presence of infection or microorganisms in urine and swabs, may indicate chronic pelvic pain syndrome, also known as CPPS.

The main symptom is pelvic pain, and problems with urination and potency may also occur.

LISWT therapy in combination with magnetic therapy has a 100% success rate in treating chronic pelvic pain.

Due to symptoms resembling various other conditions, diagnosing CPPS can be prolonged. Therefore, it is essential to seek help from experienced urology specialists who will promptly recognize CPPS. Once the underlying cause is identified, chronic pelvic pain rapidly diminishes with LISWT therapy until it disappears completely.

Main Benefits of LISWT Regenerative Therapy

Men who have undergone therapy and cured erectile dysfunction cite the following benefits of LISWT regenerative therapy:

Liberates men from using potency drugs

LISWT is an excellent choice for men who wish to avoid using potency pills due to the risk of side effects associated with these preparations or for individuals who cannot take pills due to health issues.

Furthermore, potency drugs are not a long-term solution, as the body becomes resistant to the active substance over time, and the drug's effect diminishes.

What Does the Therapeutic Process Look Like?

Before starting the therapy, a urological examination will be performed during which you will discuss your symptoms with the urologist. After the examination and determining the severity of the condition, you will receive a recommendation for further treatment.

We ensure maximum privacy and discretion during the therapy sessions; only the patient and therapist will be present in the room. The therapeutic procedure is performed in a urology office without the need for anesthesia.

Regenerative LISWT therapy is applied by moving the device over the surface of the penis, emitting mild impulses that stimulate better circulation in the region. Each therapeutic session lasts about 20 minutes, with most men noticing results after the initial treatments.

Uronova Center holds a certificate for conducting LISWT therapy, and the entire procedure is carried out by skilled and experienced therapists.

Education for LISWT Regenerative Therapy in Germany

Uronova Center owns a device from the renowned Swiss brand of medical equipment, Storz Medical. Storz Medical is known for producing high-quality medical equipment and innovative medical devices.

A clinic opting to purchase the LISWT device is required to attend training for operating the device and conducting regenerative therapy. Upon completion of the training, a certificate is obtained, which Uronova Center also possesses.

Our team attends additional education and testing for LISWT therapy in Germany every year. We continuously expand our knowledge in the latest medical trends and technological advancements to provide our patients with treatment in line with the highest European standards.