The good news is that a solution exists, and it is non-invasive.

As the years pass, the likelihood of experiencing erectile dysfunction increases.

Confronting this problem is not pleasant – besides its physical impact, there is also the long side of psychological discomfort and reluctance to accept the issue.
At Uronova, we treat the problem of vascular erectile dysfunction with our Protocol 700 – E.D FSW.

Our urologist specialist, Dr. Milan Višekruna, was a guest on the "Glas Zdravlja" show. Listen to a part of the interview in the video below that relates to the solution for erectile dysfunction.

Watch the entire interview with Dr. Milan Višekruna, who was a guest on the "Glas Zdravlja" show, on the same page.
To begin with, let's define what erectile dysfunction is and what causes can lead to it.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a common sexual problem that affects many men, especially those in their later years.

It represents the inability to achieve or maintain an erection despite sexual stimulation.

Causes of erectile dysfunction can be of physical or psychological nature, with the interrupted blood flow to the penis considered the most common cause.

Until recently, this sexual problem was treated with potent drugs with all their positive and negative side effects or surgery.

However, the good news is that erectile dysfunction can be successfully treated non-operatively and without the use of medication.

As a result of erectile dysfunction, difficulties in achieving sexual intercourse, a lack of self-esteem, and avoidance of sexual activities may occur.

However, with professional help, achieving a normal erection and, consequently, normal sexual intercourse is possible. Here's how:

Non-invasive Method

Compared to surgery, this is a non-invasive solution, meaning that focused FSWT waves are generated outside the body in the therapeutic system and transmitted through the skin of patients to targeted tissues, without the risk of injury and other side effects.

During FSWT treatment, low-intensity shock waves are applied to various parts of the penis. The therapy is simple and doesn’t require anesthesia.

Revolutionary Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Uronova Center's Non-Invasive Solution with Up to 6 Therapies!

Embark on a journey to overcome vascular erectile dysfunction at Uronova Center, where we offer a unique non-invasive solution utilizing up to 6 cutting-edge therapies.

If you're grappling with this issue, reach out and schedule an appointment with us for personalized assistance.

As the sole provider in Southeast Europe with FSWT – Focused Shockwave Therapy, our center stands at the forefront of successfully addressing and resolving erectile dysfunction through this advanced approach.

Effective and proven stimulation

Our urologist specialist, Dr. Milan Višekruna, was a guest on the "Glas Zdravlja" show. Listen to a part of the interview in the video below.

FSWT has been used to treat erectile dysfunction since 2010 and is based on the stimulation and creation of new blood vessels and covering bodies, effectively improving blood circulation in the penis.

The application of focused waves from the Focus device, specifically for erectile dysfunction issues, leads to neoangiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels, achieving an erection, and prolonging its duration.

Call us and take the first step toward successful treatment

If you have this type of health problem, we invite you to contact us and schedule an appointment for a specialist examination with our urologist specialist, Dr. Milan Višekruna, to expertly explain your diagnosis and confirm the possibility of resolving a potential problem.

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Schedule an appointment and consultation with urologist Dr. Milan Višekruna at phone number 062 616 804.

The entire treatment program consists of 6 painless 20-minute therapeutic procedures conducted once or twice a week, depending on the doctor's assessment of the degree of dysfunction.

The cost of each therapeutic procedure is 25,200 RSD.

The cost of the examination is 6,000 RSD.