Dear patients, if you are facing erectile dysfunction (ED), you are not alone.

ED is a condition that affects millions of men worldwide. The good news is that effective treatment solutions are available today.

Many cases of ED are caused by vascular issues. FSWT-therapy is a relatively new and innovative method for treating vascular erectile dysfunction.

The method is painless, and many patients report significant improvement in achieving erections after just a few weeks.

Erectile Dysfunction is a common sexual disorder. Men with ED persistently struggle to achieve and maintain an erection enough for sexual intercourse, even when sexually stimulated.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Can be physiological or psychological.

Physiological causes include heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, internal prostate issues, atherosclerosis, and other health conditions.

Psychological causes include stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. In most cases, if surgical treatment is not required, erectile dysfunction can be resolved with FSWT treatment).

How does FSWT therapy work?

The FSWT device produces low-intensity waves.

The device is a small, wand-like tool that, during treatment, uses targeted sound waves to stimulate penile tissue and enhance blood flow, which can accelerate the healing and regeneration process of soft tissue in the genital organ.

Low-intensity shock waves have also been shown to promote the creation of new blood vessels and improve blood flow to the penis, a necessary condition for an erection.

What does the treatment look like?

This procedure is performed in the clinic for examination and does not require anesthesia. No prior preparation is necessary.

During the procedure, the shock wave expert performing the treatment will move the wand-like device around different areas of your penis.

The device emits gentle impulses that trigger blood flow. The treatment itself is not painful, but it may be slightly uncomfortable for the patient.

The treatment takes about 30 minutes, after which you can go home. Most patients are advised to return to normal activities the day after therapy, and you will receive all additional information from our urologist, who will provide detailed instructions for the entire procedure and post-treatment behavior.

Causes and therapy

The condition of ED can be of physical or psychological origin. One of the main causes is interrupted blood flow to the penis, where the amount of blood in the covering bodies is insufficient to induce an erection. This type of ED is called vascular erectile dysfunction.

Shock Wave Therapy for erectile dysfunction

FSWT has been used for ED treatment since 2010.

During the treatment, low-intensity shockwaves are applied to various parts of the penis. The therapy is simple and does not require anesthesia.

Increased blood circulation

Shockwave therapy stimulates the formation of new blood vessels and covering bodies. This improves blood pressure in the penis, which can positively affect achieving an erection. One treatment takes about 15 minutes, and on average, 6-10 treatments are required.

What are shockwaves?

Shockwaves are high-energy sound waves. In the medical world, they have been used to treat various medical conditions since 1980 (orthopedics).

Compared to surgical procedures, shockwave therapy is a non-invasive method. This means that shockwaves are generated and applied to the external parts of the body (extracorporeal), passing through the skin to the tissue itself in therapeutic terms.

Depending on the application site, low or high-power waves are used. The main advantage of this innovative treatment method is that there are no risks or side effects.

Shock wave treatment in the therapy of urological and erectile dysfunction


The DUOLITH SD1 "ultra" is effectively used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction of vascular origin, Peyronie's disease (IPP), and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS). The success in treating these indications with focused shockwaves has been proven in scientific studies.

The effectiveness of this modern equipment is determined by the individual selection of the type, strength, and length of the shockwaves themselves. Deep layers of tissue can be easily treated. With a large focus zone, it is easy to access areas with a high accuracy rating. These technical specifications also demonstrate the superiority of treatment compared to other ESWT devices. Thanks to the depth of the focus itself, shockwaves need to be applied from one side of the penis.


  • Medication and surgery-free therapy
  • No unwanted side effects
  • Short treatment duration
  • No anesthesia required

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction that increases with age. Men with erectile dysfunction are unable to develop or, worse, maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse even if sexually stimulated. Most cases of ED are of vascular origin, and when ED is treated with SW therapy, low-intensity shockwaves are applied to various areas of the penis and perineum.

Peyronie's Disease

IPP, also known as Peyronie's disease, is generally a progressive condition. Most men notice the presence of the disease when they feel thickened nodules, the so-called "plaques" under the skin of the penis. As the disease progresses, pain may occur unrelated to an erection, and the penis may curve during it, making sexual intercourse difficult or impossible. During IPP treatment, painful points in the penis are treated.

Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

CPPS is characterized by pain in the pelvic floor region. Additional symptoms include urinary problems without symptoms and evidence of urinary tract infections. In some cases, erectile dysfunction occurs. ESWT is performed using a perineal approach, treating the prostate and pelvic floor."

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction at Uronova

Our team of doctors, led by specialist urologist Dr. Milan Višekrun, is responsible for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and potency issues at the Uronova center.

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